Groot Kempische Republiek



The Groot-Kempische Republiek  is a non conformistic pragmatic movement with as objective to denounce the non-pragmatic and bureaucratic way the Dutch and Belgian local, regional and central governments work.

To critize is easy, but the challenge is to come with out-of-the-box thinking which provides better solutions.

To be able to do this, a background of a "new" country, Groot Kempische Republiek,  is created whose inhabitants practice a high degree of pragmatism and mutual cooperation. (Which is a true fact) and are more and more fed up with the inefficient Dutch and Belgian bureaucracies, so they are looking for independance.

The Dutch and Belgiean bureaucracies have divided the Kempen between the two of them two hundred year ago.

Two hundred year of suppression, exploitation and total ignoration of the values that are important for the habitants of the Kempen is enough! Time for (peacefull) revolution!


The name of the Kempen is originating in the Roman Period were it was baptised Taxandria  which means "big empty space" thus describing the moors, heath and poor sandy soils encountered when the Roman Empire came North.


During almost 2000 years de Kempen were the battlegrounds for numerous battles. When your farms and livings are destroyed time after time, you learn to work hard. People in the Kempen still have that quality inhereted from the past, that is the reason multinationals like to establish factories there.


Kempenaren like to work and eat and drink well. Normally they work 40 hours for a boss and another 20 hours per week for themselves or the community.


People from the Kempen are straightforward and do not like unnessecary complexity. This shows in the political system. It is based upon the Swiss political system, which was chosen because it is one of the most stabile systems in the world.

Everything is arranged locally and what can not be arranged locally is delegated to the local politicians for arrangement elsewhere.


The Financial structure accomodates a lot of smart ideas form a.o. the Turkish system. In short: investments below 10 million Fk don't need tracebility and invoice have to be paid within 28 days otherwise the Government takes over the claim and is prosecuting the debtor. Taxes are limited to VAT, but on everything, so it is a good country for investors.


Due to improving the efficiency of IT in the bureaucracy it was possible to reduce the Local and Central government to a maxiumun of 10% of the total workforce. This results in  total man hour cost being 25-30% lower then in neigbouring countries.


Coming from history, Kempenaren are accepting that life is not risk free. The governemnet is responsible for setting yearly acceptable risks.